Web Strategy Consulting

Website Project Plan

A fundamental building block for starting your online business is developing the right plan. Your business will benefit from avoiding common obstacles for new online businesses such as delay to market (extended timelines) and resource management (additional costs) that can increase with each delay. As part of creating a cohesive plan, the experts at Optimo Solution provide strategic consulting services to help you, the business owner, take your idea from concept to inception with a comprehensive project plan—before going into development.

Site Requirements Documentation

Translating your ideas into requirements documentation ensures you have a sound business concept that is functional and competitive. The cornerstone to a successful project means that you understand the technical details. With a requirements review your business will have the advantage of having a solid foundation to which your business can work from to scale and become profitable with a long-term strategy.

Investor Presentation Documentation

Communicating your idea to potential investors is what Optimo Solution excels at. Many startups have begun as a kernel of an idea, and with the right communication material, an investment strategy is born. Whether you are meeting with an angel investor or a venture capital firm, Optimo Solution will help you prepare your idea with actionable tools.